Web hosting Support

  • 48 hour response time
  • Email based support system
  • Server level support

We focus on keeping our server infrastructure robust, up to date, secure and available. If you ever do have any queries, we provide email based support where we aim for a 48 hour minimum repsonse time.

Our focus is on providing solid web hosting, and as such we do not provide support for email related issues. We do guarantee that you'll be able to access webmail, but if any of the following applies to you then we recommend using an external email provider:

  • We require support for external spam prevention / debugging (to stop our emails being marked as junk sometimes).
  • Guaranteed email access with 0 downtime is mission-critical to our business.
  • We use IMAP or POP3 extensively.
  • We have email accounts set up on our computers and mobile devices, and may require support for these from time to time.
There are other options for external email hosting, some well known external email hosting providers include: Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, and there are many other alternatives. We recommend using one of these, which we'll be happy to assist you with setting up.